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Larson: We Have to Come Together to Act on Jobs

Press Conference

Location: Washington, DC

"Let me underscore what our two leaders have said with respect to the effort put forward by the members of our Caucus.

"I think [the submissions to the Super Committee] reflects our desire to put the country back to work and the consistent theme in everything that they have said is that job creation equals deficit reduction.

"Job creation does equal deficit reduction. The CBO has said so clearly. There's no other single item or silver bullet that reduces the deficit by a third other than the creation of a job.

"What we witnessed across America in the last several weeks are our citizens taking to the streets, borne out of frustration but borne primarily out of the desire to see their government respond to the simple dignity that comes from a job. The opportunity to look across the table at your spouse and children and family and let them know that they are secure, not only the fact that you have a job, but secure, again, in their aspirations and in their dreams for this great country of ours.

"As the Leader has said, we have an unbelievable opportunity as witnessed by the enthusiasm of the people in our Caucus and, we dare say, I believe members of the other side of the aisle who truly do want to come together in this moment, in this opportunity, when the rest of the world is in peril and when the United States can be that shining example. We have an opportunity that excludes the cloture vote in the Senate and the poison pill amendments in the House, that will provide an up or down vote on something that is bold, something that is balanced and something that is big.

"We all know that that is the path forward to job creation and this opportunity is one for us to come together, not as Democrats, not as Republicans, but as Americans and seize this opportunity that we have before us. That will continue to be our message. That's the message that our members have sent forward to this committee."

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