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Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act (H.R. 2681) , and the EPA Regulatory Relief Act (H.R. 2250)

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. HOLT. Mr. Speaker this week the House of Representatives considered two bills that continue the Majority's assault on public health and the environment. The so-called ``Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act'' and the ``EPA Regulatory Relief Act'' would delay or eliminate air pollution safeguards for industrial incinerators, boilers, and cement plans. Should these dangerous bills become law, the air we breathe would contain more mercury, arsenic, lead, and acid gas.

* These misguided pieces of legislation would undermine the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to enforce the Clean Air Act and significantly limit the federal government's ability to ensure that the air we breathe is safe and pollution-free.

* Sadly, these bills are just the latest in a long line of bills from the majority that put big polluter profits before the health and safety of the American people. From the Dirty Air Act that would remove EPA's statutory authority to regulate carbon pollution to legislation that exempts offshore drilling operations from having to control their pollution emissions and legislation that would allow power plants to emit more and more toxic air pollution, the majority seems intent on rolling back programs that preserve our environment, protect our public health, and grow our economy.

* For forty years the Clean Air Act has been successful in protecting public health and preventing deaths from respiratory disease because it was written to follow science as science evolved. The success of the Clean Air Act is because its regulations are based in science. Legislators shouldn't pretend to be scientists.

* I urge my colleagues to vote no on these dangerous bills.

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