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United States-Columbia Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PASCRELL. Madam Speaker, I want to challenge just about everything that my very good friend Mr. Camp laid before this House.

First, let's talk about the numbers. The updated report that Mr. Camp referred to in terms of the number of jobs that would be created by this Colombian deal contains a very specific disclaimer that it is not an official estimate.

Additionally, both--any reports estimate that the overall trade deficit will increase. An increasing trade deficit cannot lead to job creation. It's never happened. It will not happen.

And you throw numbers in front of people and you know what? You better know what you're talking about. In fact, given the projected changes, the growth of the United States trade deficit with Colombia will displace 83,000 jobs in the United States of America by 2015, for a net loss of an additional 55,000 jobs. Those are the numbers. I didn't make them up.

So when you think that anytime you're going to parade a trade deal in front of us--and I voted for Peru because I thought it was a great step forward--and think that we're just going to have to believe, anybody's going to have to believe on either side of the aisle that what you're saying is really what the truth is, you're done, you're over. The American people don't accept it. Four to one they don't accept these trade deals that have diminished us.

But the worst part of the Colombia deal is this: since the new President, Mr. Santos, we've had 38 union people killed, family men, teachers, lawyers, shot in the back of the head, wired up on a tree. And one indictment.

You want to bring the Colombian trade deal here--here we go--and make us believe that you're not only going to create jobs, but that these victims are going to be no more. Well, you had an opportunity.

Here's the numbers, Madam Speaker. Here are the numbers, very clear, very succinct. From 2007 to 2010, 51 murders last year, no convictions. Of the 94 percent of the cases, 130 human rights defenders were detained in 2010.

This is an aberration, this is wrong, and the American people aren't going to take it anymore.

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