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Berg Gives Congressional and Senate Western Caucus Weekly Address


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rick Berg today delivered the Congressional and Senate Western Caucuses weekly address. In his remarks, Berg addressed burdensome regulations that threaten job creation throughout the country. He highlighted his "Regulations Tour" last week in North Dakota and talked about specific examples of how government regulations are impacting westerners every day.

Excerpts include:

"From farmers and ranchers to family-run stores, Washington's one-size-fits-all regulations add unnecessary costs, increase uncertainty, and make it harder for folks to do business."

"Last week, I held a regulations tour back home in North Dakota to highlight real life examples of the impact senseless regulations have on North Dakota farmers, ranchers and small businesses."

"Too often, the EPA imposes new rules, without taking into account how these regulations will affect our economy and our small businesses' ability to create jobs."

"This week, we passed bills that would provide job creators with regulatory relief from two EPA rules that threaten American jobs--including one rule that threatens nearly 16,000 jobs in Western States alone and more than 230,000 jobs nationwide."

"In western states, we know that jobs come from small business--not big government--and if Washington would just let our small businesses do their jobs, without constantly changing the rules, we can get our economy turned around. Plain and simple, we must rein in unnecessary regulations that burden our small businesses and hinder job creation. And the Western Caucus is committed to that end."

"In the West, we know firsthand the damaging effect of Washington's one-size-fits-none approach to regulations. Washington is not the answer -- it is the problem. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the Western Caucus to bring some rural commonsense to Washington decision making -- and get our country back on track."

Last week, Berg completed a two-day "Regulations Tour" to bring awareness to the impact of federal regulations on North Dakota farmers, ranchers and small business owners.

Berg met with local business owners, farmers and ranchers in Bismarck and Fargo to learn how federal regulations had affected their businesses. As the House continues to work to reduce regulatory burdens on America's job creators, Berg will use the experiences of North Dakota farmers, ranchers and small business owners to bring to light the impact of federal regulations imposed on the American people.

A member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Berg has worked to limit government regulation on American small businesses by co-sponsoring the REINS Act and the repeal of the 1099 filing mandate. Berg also serves as a member of the Congressional Job Creators Caucus.

The Congressional Western Caucus and Senate Western Caucus are comprised of Members of Congress committed to protecting the interests and ideals of the West.

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