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Job Creation Starts with Low Taxes, not Class Warfare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Madam Speaker, President Obama and his liberal allies in the Senate are at it again. After proposing a new $447 billion stimulus bill last month, the President has seen the bill
languish in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Why? Because there are some, even in his own party, who know that more government spending and job-killing tax hikes are not going to get our economy moving again.

But the Senate majority leader has come to the rescue with another new class warfare proposal. That's right; he wants a permanent tax increase on small businesses and job creators to pay for a temporary stimulus program. Oh, goody. Long-term, job-destroying tax increases to finance another short-term government spending program.

How about we focus on creating an environment that encourages job creation by eliminating harmful government regulations that stifle hiring and by fixing our broken Tax Code without raising taxes?

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