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American Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, it is very disappointing to me that the gentleman from South Carolina (Mr. Wilson) a few moments ago took North Carolina Governor Perdue's words completely out of context. Every day, Governor Perdue of North Carolina is urging this Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to create jobs by passing the American Jobs Act.

We need, Mr. Speaker, to help create jobs. We need to help job creators by offering new tax cuts that incent the hiring of workers and cut payroll taxes. The tax cuts in President Obama's American Jobs Act will save a business with 50 employees roughly $50,000 per year and give employees an additional $1,500 per year each in take-home pay. This is real money. It equates to real job growth in the near term.

But the American Jobs Act is more than just tax cuts. Investments in education and infrastructure will increase long-term growth.

I urge this body to take up the whole American Jobs Act--not cherry-pick its parts--without delay so that the small businesses of America can continue to grow and hire, leading us into prosperity.

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