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EPA Regulatory Relief Act of 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I want to thank the gentleman from Kentucky for yielding. I really want to thank him for bringing this jobs bill to the House floor.

This legislation, this EPA regulatory reform bill, is critical to saving tens of thousands of jobs--over 100,000 jobs--in America that are at risk if the EPA is able to get away with yet another radical regulation they're trying to implement.

When I go throughout southeast Louisiana and talk to job creators, our small business owners--the people who are struggling in this tough economy but who still want to try to create jobs--and when I ask them, What are the things that are holding you back from creating jobs, from having your business grow so that more people can have great opportunities to live the American Dream?, there is a consistent theme that they all say, that it's the regulations coming out of Washington, D.C., coming out of the Obama administration. That is the prime reason that is holding them back from creating good jobs in this country.

Of course, we've seen it in southeast Louisiana--we've got tough times--but if you go all throughout the country, you'll see the same thing. Just look at the numbers from outside groups that have actually tried to figure out just how devastating the impact would be of just this boiler regulation if it were to go into effect by the EPA. Over 1,500 boilers across this country are at risk, and you're talking about over 230,000 jobs. Just look at some of the States--I mean, the State of North Carolina, the State of Indiana, the States of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania. Each of those States will lose over 10,000 jobs if this radical EPA regulation goes into effect.

The President is running around the country, saying, Pass this bill. He was saying pass this bill before he even filed the bill. Here is an actual bill on the floor of the House of Representatives that will save over 230,000 jobs that will be lost; yet the President wants to ram through this radical regulation anyway in spite of the fact that all those jobs will be lost.

I think the American people understand what's going on. They're saying sanity needs to be reinvoked in Washington in this administration.

Stop running jobs out of the country. Let's put commonsense reforms in place. This bipartisan legislation does that.


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