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Barriers to Job Creation

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCALISE. Madam Speaker, this House and this Congress need to be focused on job creation. In fact, this House has passed scores of legislation out of the House over to the Senate that would create millions of American jobs. Yet the Senate refuses to take any action on them.

And what do we get from the President? We get more of the same class warfare and failed stimulus legislation. Of course, his first stimulus was such a disaster. We had a hearing last week that exposed the Solyndra scandal. That's the company that the President used as the poster child for the stimulus bill 2 years ago. And what happened? The taxpayers are on the hook right now for over $530 million of money that was thrown away by this company that the President called a year ago the ``future of this country.''

Well, I don't want a future of bankruptcy, I don't want a future of scandal, and I don't want a future of the radical regulations and this class warfare that this President has given to this country. We need to create American jobs. We need to get these crazy regulations off the backs of our small business owners and create jobs in America.

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