Regulatory Relief from President Obama`s EPA

Press Release

By:  Alan Nunnelee
Date: Oct. 7, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

In order to help stimulate the economy and put Mississippians back to work, we must remain focused on cutting spending and paying down our $14.3 trillion debt. House Republicans are taking every step possible to ensure this burden isn't passed on to future generations. This week, the House passed H.R. 1343, which would authorize the return of unused or reclaimed funds made available for broadband awards through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to the Treasury of the United States. Essentially, this bill would guarantee that unused funds from President Obama's wasteful stimulus program are promptly returned to the Treasury and put towards our debt.

Also, the House passed H.R. 2681, the Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act, and next week we will vote on H.R. 2250, the EPA Regulatory Relief Act. Both of these bills would provide job creators with regulatory relief from the EPA's Boiler and Cement MACT rules. President Obama's EPA is destroying jobs left and right through over-regulation. In Mississippi, the Boiler MACT rule puts 3,240 jobs at risk with a price tag of over $200 million. Instead of throwing more unachievable, costly, and burdensome regulations on businesses, the EPA needs to step back and rethink these rules.

Regulatory relief will lead to an environment favorable for job creation. This month, I participated in the YouTube town hall series, which is an online platform for members of Congress to debate and discuss the most important issues of the day. You can watch my video on regulatory relief below.

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