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Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation Act of 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CARTER. Mr. Chairman, I rise today in strong support of H.R. 2401, the TRAIN Act, and I want to congratulate my friend from Oklahoma for this good piece of legislation.

For the past 9 months I've been on the floor of the House, and it's been my mission to rein in, or at least to attempt to rein in, some of these out-of-control regulators in this country today who intend on keeping our economy in the ditch by placing barriers in the way of job creation and in keeping jobs.

I'm so glad that this bill is on the floor because this job-killing regulation is center stage at this time.

Mr. Chairman, I'm pleased to see the TRAIN Act provisions delay this EPA job-killing and energy-killing rule known as Cross-State Air Pollution for the next 6 months.

Let's point out that we heard comments about transparent analysis. My own State, Texas, was dropped into the final Cross-State Air Pollution Rule in the last minute. Texas was not included in the proposed rule, and our citizens were denied their right under the Administrative Procedures Act to review the impact and comment on the proposed rule. We just got kind of air-dropped into this at the last minute.

Thirty-one members of the Texas delegation have written a letter to the White House, including eight of the Democrats in our delegation, expressing concerns about this rule and how it was forced down the throats of the citizens of Texas. I think that that ought to be some indication that something is wrong here.

Now, Mr. Barton indicated something that is actually larger than what he stated. In his district, one plant has closed, but two plants have actually closed in Texas as a result of this rule already, and three mines have closed. And we know at least of the 500 jobs that Mr. Barton has referenced here today, but we haven't gotten the count from the other two.

This is a serious loss of good-paying jobs to Texas. These are the kinds of jobs people seek after.

The step in the right direction is to hold off. And when you say you're doing studies, by the very statements made on this floor, it's about scientific proof. But there are also human beings involved in this, and we should at least do an economic analysis of what this does to our economy, which I think this administration is bound and determined to drag down into the mud. And I think we should know how many jobs we're going to lose. We're trying to build jobs, not lose jobs.

We are, in this country, about growing jobs in America, not losing them. And these regulations are job-killing regulations.

I'm really pleased with the work of the Energy and Commerce Committee on all of their hard work on these issues. This is important to American workers everywhere.

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