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Congressman Cantor Statement On Passage Of Regulatory Relief For Cement Industry


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) today released the following statement regarding the House passage of the Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act of 2011, H.R. 2681, which is part of the House Republicans' plan to create middle class jobs through regulatory relief. This legislation requires the Environmental Protection Agency to revise pending regulations on our nation's cement industry that would eliminate thousands of jobs and increase costs on manufacturers.

"The threat of new regulations coming down the pike from Washington is increasing uncertainty and making it harder for employers to hire, invest and expand their businesses. The Cement MACT regulation would add tremendous new costs to cement plants, sap capital that could be invested in expanding and hiring, and could force some employers to close their facilities.

"Recently, I visited Titan America, a concrete and cement manufacturer in my hometown of Richmond that is already facing significant challenges due to the economic downturn. Titan has reduced its workforce and doesn't see any prospects for growth in the current environment. By taking common-sense action to delay these EPA regulations that stand in the way of investment and growth, we will make it easier for companies like this one to succeed and create jobs again.

"The President has said that some regulations put an unnecessary burden on businesses at a time when they can least afford it and House Republicans agree, which is why we are focused on repealing those regulations that are bogging down businesses in uncertainty. I thank Chairman Fred Upton, Congressman John Sullivan and Congressman Mike Ross for their leadership on this bipartisan bill that addresses harmful regulations so that we can begin to see some growth in the economy and see more jobs created."

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