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Rep. Davis Introduces Two Amendments During Consideration of GOP Postal Reform Measure: Votes Against Passage


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Danny K. Davis introduced two amendments during the markup of H.R. 2309, Postal Reform Act of 2011; an amendment for the full repeal of section 311 (Creating a new and separate program to pay compensation for the disability or death of a postal officer or employee resulting from an injury sustained in the performance of duty) and an amendment for the full repeal of section 403 (rate preferences for nonprofit advertising which phases in rate increases for advertising in nonprofit second-class publications until they reach 90% (replacing 75%) of the regular rate. Phases in rate increases for Nonprofit Standard Mail until they reach 90% (replacing 60%) of the regular rate).

Davis stated, "As an author of the Postal Reform act that passed in 2006, I am committed to assisting the USPS to solvency and creating a stronger and robust postal service. However, H.R. 2309 is a glass half empty approach that creates new bureaucracies, diminished congressional oversight and continues to attack the worker rights of postal employees. I will continue to advocate for my amendments as well as the prefund requirement that has stifled postal cash flow. Without these and other key measures, I cannot support this bill."

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