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The Palestinian Authority and Israel

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. AUSTIN SCOTT of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to urge President Obama to take a strong stance against the Palestinian Authority's efforts to seek unilateral recognition for statehood from the United Nations.

Mr. Speaker, Israel is our ally, an ally that has proven, time and again, a devotion to freedom, democracy, peace, and economic stability. Indeed, Mr. Speaker, Israel is our greatest ally in the turbulent Middle East, and we need to support their efforts to resolve their issues with the Palestinians. The President must show that America is resolute in support of Israel and that he is determined that we find real solutions for peace in the Middle East.

Mr. Speaker, solutions between Israel and the Palestinians will come through good-faith negotiations and cooperation. Solutions and peace come through both sides sitting at the table with equal determination to reach an agreement.

I hope that the President realizes all of this, and that he will show America's support for Israel and be a strong voice for peace reached through negotiations and partnership. The President should make clear to the Palestinian Authority that the way to a bright and stable future for the Palestinian people will be through talking to Israel, not unilaterally seeking statehood through the U.N.

I urge all of my colleagues in this House and the Members of the Senate to join me in this call.

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