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Fostering Job Growth

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. AUSTIN SCOTT of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, Americans are hurting, and there's nothing more important right now for every Member of Congress than fostering job growth for the American people. House Republicans have been focused on this since day one. We passed more than a dozen pro-jobs bills that are currently awaiting a vote in the Senate. Additionally, we also passed a budget this year, something the Senate hasn't done in 888 days--888 days, Mr. Speaker.

America must lead the world out of this global recession. And I, for one, believe that if we can just get a couple of things right in Washington, we'll see our economy turn around and therefore the world economy turn around.

In the House, we believe in helping small businesses, we believe in free trade, and we believe in shrinking bureaucracy. Measures supporting these causes have already passed the House--with bipartisan support, I might add, Mr. Speaker--only to stall in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Mr. Speaker, House Democrats and Republicans have found common ground on many measures to build more confidence for job creators. We invite the Senate to join our efforts. Mr. Speaker, Americans can't wait. It's time for the Senate to join the House in taking action to help restore our economy.

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