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Rep. Johnson's Statement on Hispanic Heritage Month


Location: Tucker, GA

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) issued the following statement today in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 through October 15:

"As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month across America, we recognize and honor the great contributions of our Latino brothers and Latina sisters. These hard-working, family-oriented Americans are a great source of to our nation.

Whether serving in the military, teaching our children, working as business owners, scientists or artists -- or simply sharing their rich culture -- Latinos make America a better place for all.

Let's honor Latinos and Latinas this month by reminding Americans that we have always been a country open to everyone: Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians and immigrants from all over the world. Let's never forget that the nation's diversity is a source of extraordinary strength. Diversity not only makes our nation great, but it makes America unique among nations.

While celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month, we must honor the character of our nation and work with President Obama to pass a comprehensive immigration reform. We must work towards passing immigration laws that are decent and humane. We must ensure that every hard-working, talented, law-abiding and eligible immigrant is treated with respect, compassion and dignity.

Last year, I co-sponsored the Dream Act so young undocumented immigrants could have a path to legal status through their dedication to education and military service. Unfortunately, the legislation did not pass the Senate.

I congratulate every Latino and Latina during this month, and I thank you for your invaluable contributions. I remain committed to working towards comprehensive immigration reform and will continue to encourage legislation that brings out all the qualities that make this country great: dedication to education, self-improvement, love of family and the honor in military service."

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