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Talk To Buddy: Executive Orders


Location: Unknown

Question: Linda, Summerville
I just saw your announcement on CSPAN and I was quite impressed with your clear, decisive platform. I want to know what your platform is on executive orders (which bypass Congress) and about allowing trucks to enter the US freely (without checks) from Mexico? Call me when you come to the Charleston, SC area; I am with the 9.12 Project and we would be happy to host you.

Buddy's Answer:
Linda, I look forward to seeing you in South Carolina in August and/or September. Executive Orders are necessary to effectively run a state or a nation. They can be used to by-pass the bureaucracy or to act fast, but they should always be subsequently reviewed by the appropriate committee in Congress with Congress then being able to debate and act as they decide as to the merits of the Executive Orders. We could not have developed the Atom Bomb ending World War II without the President using this power. A good President will need this power on occasion and a bad President will abuse it, but Congress has the final right of review and decision and is our protector of the Constitution in these matters. Presidents have abused this prerogative, particularly in times of conflict and in times of crises. But the real fault lies with the Congress failing to exercise their Constitutional power to declare war. I oppose the unfettered and unsafe policy of allowing Mexican transport drivers to use our road system as if it were their own without US safety training. It is unsafe and unsound and part of the attempts by Presidents Clinton. Bush, and Obama to give away as many American jobs as possible. We will be in touch when we head your way. Take heart for America's best days are just ahead. $100 limit- no PACs- Free to Lead a Rising America!

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