Talk To Buddy: Immigration


By:  Buddy Roemer III
Location: Unknown

Question: Shannon, DeKalb
What is your position on border security? And how would you handle the illegal immigrant issue? Looking forward to the answers and glad to see you in the race! I grew up in Louisiana and like what you did there.

Buddy's Answer:
Shannon, Thanks for your question and I hope you can be a loud member of the Roemer Nation. The border needs to be sealed. We are a nation of immigrants, but it must be LEGAL. You start with a sealed border--sealed, no holes. Second, you have a green card program which allows workers to come for jobs when no Americans are available. Under law, you hold the card-holder AND the hiring company responsible for the conduct and presence of the worker with fines for violations and non-acceptance in the program for repeat violations. You offer a 6-month period in which companies would not be fined if they turnover illegals. After that period, there will be fines for discovery of illegals working at a US company. No amnesty, but I would allow a parole-citizen committee from the region to interview any illegal that authorities think might have a case for not being shipped back to the mother-country, i.e., military service, special jobs skills, etc. This would be rare, but could be good for America. Finally, the repatriated illegals would be allowed to line up in their own country (and according to their home country's rules) to return to America under the laws of America, unless they were declared unacceptable as felons, addicts, and a number of other categories. That's the way I would do it and we would get this mess cleaned up in a couple of years. Sadly, the people the illegals are hurting more than America are those here legally in the U S and trying to be included and respected. Secure, legal system, fair to all. Thanks and let's go get these voters.


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