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Talk To Buddy: Social Issues


Location: Unknown

Question: Clif, Firestone
Hey Buddy, Democrat here. I like your platform of "no" special or corporate interests in our politics, fighting for fair U.S. trade policy and pushing for fair corporate taxation (i.e, G.E.). Would like to see your positions on the social issues floating our there on your website. Give 'em hell Buddy!

Buddy's Answer:
Clif, It's good to hear from Colorado. Thanks for identifying with my intention to protect US jobs from Unfair Trade, to write a simple and fair tax code with low marginal rates, and to refuse the big, special interest checks. And the refusal of the corrupting checks is the most important issue of our times. $100 limit, no PAC money, and Full Disclosure equals a President Free to Lead a rising America. These are my rules. And they are unbending. Free to Lead. I care to serve no other way. Social issues abound and I'm not sure which are in your top priority. I am a practicing and church going Methodist. (I attended the 8:45 service at Sandown, New Hampshire this morning, for example.) I am no saint, but I am trying to close the gap. I am pro-life, but believe that the life of the mother should be protected. I believe that our Constitution grants us the freedom to worship as we please without government interference or permission. I believe that God and our Constitution protect our liberties regardless of our color, religion, or sexual preference. I am a traditionalist on the question of marriage, believing that marriage should be between a man and a woman. But our Constitution protects each state's right to decide this question by a vote of its people or their representatives. We MUST work together to reclaim a nation in peril. I will work hard to build that kind of nation. Thanks and America needs your help.

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