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Talk To Buddy: Cost of Government


Location: Unknown

Question: Jesse, Wasilla
Would you be willing as president to agree to selling off or abolishing functions of the government that could be handled better by the private sector? Significant capital could be raised by offering a five year or so monopoly for the highest bidder.

Buddy's Answer:
Jesse, I am open to all reasonable ideas which would reduce the cost of government while increasing its service quality. I have already recommended the elimination of certain agencies at the Federal level. I would eliminate the Dept. of Energy entirely, saving $25 billion a year. I would have the Department of Education be a local function because that is where teaching can work best and Washington, D.C. teaches no one. We could save approximately $75 billion a year, by making the Education Department play only one role in education: the collector and disseminator of data that shows where and why education really works. I would review the performance of the Departments of Transportation and Commerce in the same harsh light with another $150 billion in often wasted spending on the line. Using cost/benefit analysis could save the taxpayers much of this money. I am open to your thoughts and ideas, but I caution you that Leadership in this area of cost containment and service enhancement will be impossible if a President is beholden to the obligations of Big Labor or Special Interests. This is why I am the only candidate not taking the big checks. I have a $100 limit and accept no PAC money. I will be Free to Lead a Rising America and I want you to be part of it. Thanks for your question, and let's go turn this country around.

Buddy Roemer

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