Talk To Buddy: National Security


By:  Buddy Roemer III
Location: Unknown

Question: Wesley, Lancaster
As president of the United States, what would be your approach to making sure the country has a high level of national security, while at the same time upholding those inalienable rights given to Americans by God? More specifically, the security involving air travel in regard to terrorism, and securing the border.

Buddy's Answer:
Wesley, National security is the key role of a national government. Frankly, one of the lessons taught our leaders by the Al-Queda attack on 9/11 is that the threat is not always in some faraway place. The closer the fight comes home to domestic territory the greater the conflict with rights constitutionally protected to citizens: speech, assembly, religious beliefs, and more. The resolution is never easy, so we rely on full debate and temporary modifications (Patriot Act with its 3-year re-authorization). And our relatively independent court system is a huge safe-guard that we don't swing too far in either direction. Airport Security, Border Security, National Security--all facets of the same fight: keeping America free and brave. It begins with the Constitution but it is safeguarded by the constant, informed vigilance of our citizens. It was President Jefferson who once said, "A nation that expects to be both free and ignorant, expects what never was and never will be." Great question and thank you. It is why I set a $100 limit on contributions and no PAC money. I believe the corruptive power of special interest money is killing innovation and leadership among our national Leadership. I want a President Free to Lead a Rising America. Help me if you would.

Thanks, -Buddy

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