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Talk To Buddy: The Environment


Location: Unknown

Question: Trevor, DeKalb
Buddy, I saw your Colbert report interview... I read some of you issues and I want to know your view on the environment. I agree that in certain areas government is too big but I also feel with capitalism there is some negative repercussions...the environment being my main concern. How would you protect the environment given that you have no special interests to answer too that may have other ideas?

Buddy's Answer:
Trevor, Appreciate your question about our environment. Clean air and clean water lead to better jobs and a better quality of life. As a farm boy, as a businessman, as a Congressman, and as a Governor, I have practiced this strongly felt life-belief. I do have problems with single-issue organizations who insist in going too far, and with giant corporations who think they can ignore the environmental consequences of their actions. BALANCE is what we need and is what I will try to achieve. For example, I want energy independence by the end of the decade to grow 3 million new jobs, break our addiction to foreign oil, achieve trade balance, and lower the cost of living for working people. Makes sense, but it means we need to drill for oil and gas where it is found. It can be done with modern technology and high standards and closer, independent supervision. This is what I will do from Day One. Balance and concentration on the BIG abusers, rather than on small businesses is the way to begin. By the way, we will need all forms of domestically produced energy from oil to green alternatives. The real opportunity under my balanced approach will be the clean affordability of natural gas. Stay tuned. The key to my campaign is my refusal to take the big checks of special interests. $100 limit and no PAC money. No Big Oil or Big Chemicals. Free to Lead a Rising America. You KNOW it's true--Join Us!!!

Thanks, Buddy Roemer

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