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Talk To Buddy: Health Insurance


Location: Unknown

Question: Daniel, Jacksonville
Why do you want to repeal the healthcare program and help out insurance companies? If you are against PACs and special interests why cave to insurance? It seems you want to have it both ways, seems very inconsistent. I'm a independent and could see voting for you but repealing healthcare is a deal breaker.

Buddy's Answer:
Daniel, You got it BACKWARD! Obama is in bed with the insurance companies and protects them in his healthcare bill by allowing them to avoid competition. You can NOT buy a medical insurance policy across the state line. Obama gave them a monopoly, driving health costs higher and higher. Money, money, money, money. Why else would he do that? Check his campaign contributions at $35,000 a ticket on a Wall Street fundraiser. You got it backward, Bro! He fooled you with that, "I'll make them insure you in spite of previous condition." Heck, everybody's for that and that just cost them pennies. But the big deal is the exemption from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and competition and Obama sold out. He also did the same thing with price discounts to Seniors by the big pharmaceutical companies--NOT ALLOWED--and on caps on frivolous lawsuits for the tort lawyers. Come join me man. I'm the only guy fighting the fat cat special interests. $100 limit. No PAC money. Free to Lead a Rising Nation. I'm going to stop the U.S. From selling jobs overseas, deregulate small business, and have us energy independent by the end of the decade growing millions of jobs. You know I'm right, even though I'm the only one saying it. The others take the big check. Not me!!!

Buddy Roemer

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