Talk To Buddy: War on Drugs


By:  Buddy Roemer III
Location: Unknown

Question: Brandon, Baton Rouge
Mr Roemer, study after study has shown that this nations "War on Drugs" is an abysmal failure. Drugs are cheaper, more potent, and easier to access than ever before, yet we continue to spend billions of dollars every year enforcing policies that just don't work and cause more harm to society than many of the actual drugs themselves. What is your opinion on the current war on drugs? Also, poll after poll shows that the majority of this country favors marijuana legalization, what is your opinion?

Buddy's Answer:
To Brandon and To Duke, Thanks for your question guys. You asked a variation of the same question about the frustration of the war on drugs and about changing approaches, so let me answer in a combined manner. I do NOT have an easy or satisfactory answer . I share your frustration of the costs and futility of this "war". I am not prepared to legalize these drugs, including marijuana. The data is overwhelmingly negative in their affect on health and judgment. This is not my number issue, but it is an important one. I would begin by listening to positive ideas from people like you. I will listen to the finest minds in drug enforcement, in mental health, and in addiction. As you know, I'm much better at growing jobs, fighting unfair trade, and restructuring a country's debt. Prohibition against alcohol did not work in American history and had to be repealed. Is the demand for these drugs similar to that for alcohol during Prohibition? I will learn more and will study specifically alternative solutions. Legalization of these drugs is not something I could support, and if that support is critical to determining your vote, I've lost you. I hate that because we can agree on even bigger issues like protecting American jobs from unfair foreign competition, energy independence, and stopping the big checks of special interests in owning Washington DC. To make it worse, even the demand for drugs from America is negatively impacting other nations, i.e. Mexico and Afghanistan. If we can find other crops necessary for national food stocks, it would be a help. In this whole matter, I will find the best leadership and wisest heads to think out of the box and let them craft a plan that will protect our citizens and reduce the threat to nations around the globe. Good questions, and wish I had easier and better answers. I'm still looking at many issues, but I've decided on the big checks issue: NO! $100 limit and no PAC money. Free to Lead a Rising Nation. I wouldn't trade places with a person in the race! No one else is talking JOBS or CORRUPT POLITICAL money. Thanks Brandon and thanks Duke for the question.


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