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Talk To Buddy: Health Care


Location: Unknown

Question: Shaun, Wilmington
Buddy, I like your issues. I only disagree on one maybe 2 of your views. My question is about the public health care option. What about those of us whom without the new plan would not have affordable health care anymore with the repeal of the law? Also what do think about the CBO's prediction that health care costs will be reduced by 1.3 trillion over the next twenty years? I understand that for some people this is a problem, but it has become a political tool to call it Obamacare. Thank you.

Buddy's Answer:
Shaun, Thanks for your questions about healthcare. I am an insulin dependent diabetic (for 40 years), and understand healthcare issues. The problem with healthcare is COST not QUALITY. The system costs are rising 3.6 percent a year and they must be lowered to a 2.1 percent increase annually for Medicare to survive. How do we achieve those savings? 1. Government is not the solution. It is the problem. Small businesses are getting killed by the new costs. 2. Require insurance companies to compete. They are protected by Affordable Health Care Bill (ObamaCare) and you can't buy medical insurance across State lines. Why? Make them compete under law. 3. Put fair caps on tort settlements and lower costs by 1 percent a year. 4. Require Pharmaceuticals to give price discounts. They are currently protected by ObamaCare. 5. Offer medical providers to keep 25 percent of the cost savings they institute over the next 4-years. Watch what happens. And finally, quit buying these 10 year numbers for savings. I take smaller one to five year looks and believe we can get where we need to go by following the 5-point plan above and we will all benefit. Help me. We don't take the big checks and we will be Free to Lead.


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