Talk To Buddy: Independence From My Party


By:  Buddy Roemer III
Location: Unknown

Question: Will, Pendleton
Buddy, I am a Dem. and lib., and I agree that US govt is corrupted by $ and lobbyists. Based on the few interviews I have seen, I would consider supporting you for pres. and donating. I am worried that your positions on clim. change, immig., civ. rights, military spending, etc, would be lockstep with the Repub. party. While I agree that money is a big issue, I think fear of offending "the base" is a bigger issue. Please explain how you would overcome partisan politic mentality to reach Dems.

Buddy's Answer:
Will, Thanks for your questions which center around my independence from my Party. My pride in joining the Republican Party 20 years ago had to do with their general adherence to the value of competition, and choice in the selecting the strongest paths to a rising nation. That pride remains as well as does my intention to place my country ahead of my Party. On the issues you mentioned in passing: Climate change--it is changing, but why? Scientific opinion is waffling. Immigration--MUST be legal. What kind of country are we? Owned by the companies who own and abuse these individuals? The Mexicans legally in America are getting slaughtered in the world of public opinion. Let me speak for them: stop illegal immigration, seal the border, reform green-card system, repatriate illegals with points toward a legal return highest for early confession and a clean record. Civil Rights--Always support full protection of our Constitution for minorities. Even for Methodists like me. I am a traditionalist on issues like gay marriage, but support the right of states to decide state-by-state. Military spending--I support a strong military in a dangerous world. I would maintain our strength, but back away from our current nation building tendency. Further, we can reduce our number of overseas military bases. I am skeptical of our continued nation building overseas. It is time to rebuild America. To run and to serve, I offer Leadership based not on my Party, but on the needs of my country. With my fight against the big money interests, I need Republicans, Independents, and fiscally conservative Democrats to win. My whole campaign forces us to reach across Party lines and put Free to Lead first. I need you.

Buddy Roemer.

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