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Talk To Buddy: The Environment, Abortion, Taxes, Health Care, and Medicare


Location: Unknown

Question: [...], Philadelphia
Buddy, I would like to know your specific stances on (1) the environment; (2) abortion; (3) taxing the wealthy; (4) health care; (5) medicare. Also, do you have a link to your voting record in Congress that I can view? It impresses me greatly that you will not take money from pacs or lobbyists or corporations. However, before I support you, I would like to be more informed on the issues listed above. Thank you. [...]

Buddy's Answer:
[...], Thanks for the questions and the interest. 1. Environment--I think we should take care of our air and water: better jobs, better living. But we over-regulate small businesses and kill jobs as a result. What we need is a BALANCED approach: target the giant corporations for action and allow the small companies to grow jobs. BALANCE!!! 2. Abortion--I'm pro-life and always have been. I am also for protecting the life of the mother. 3. Taxing the wealthy? They should be taxed. Actually they pay a disproportionate share in income taxes now. In my world, rates should be simple and fair and as low as possible. We should do away with most of the deductions and exemptions which all, including the wealthy, take advantage of, and get the marginal rates as low as possible. Corporations and the wealthy should not be allowed to park their money off shore and avoid their fair share. I see a complete re-write: simple, fair, everyone benefits from minimum deductions. GROW JOBS. 4. Healthcare and Medicare: Healthcare quality is the best on earth, but costs are too high. We need to reduce annual cost increases from its current 3.6 percent increase per year to an affordable 2.1 percent annual increase. Eliminate Obama and force insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to compete (Obama care protects them!), and put caps on Tort lawsuits. I would also reward healthcare providers who provide significant savings to current costs to be paid 25 percent of the savings! Finally, I would raise the retirement age on social security and the eligibility age on Medicare by one month a year for 24 years and the programs would be balanced for the foreseeable future with no taxes. Thanks again and hope you can help as we get started. -Buddy

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