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Talk To Buddy: Military and Education


Location: Unknown

Question: Will, Bristol
Buddy, As a midshipman in the NROTC and a son of hard working parents who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty, I would like to know how you plan to 1) Structure the military for smarter spending and improve capability and 2) Revitalize the teaching of technical subjects and labor skills in high schools. Thank you for the original stance on PAC money, its truly refreshing. Hooya and good luck, Very Respectfully, Will Thibault.

Buddy's Answer:
Will, Thanks for your two questions and your interest in my newly announced campaign. I have always been a strong supporter of military preparedness and my restructure will reflect that. I will prioritize a well-trained military. I will de-emphasize nation-building on foreign shores (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.). I will continue the war on terrorism, but avoid occupying foreign lands: too expensive, too deadly for US Forces. I will make America Energy Independent by the end of this decade. After breaking our addiction to foreign oil, I will no longer send Marines on "oil" duty in the Middle East. …A quieter, tougher, more-focused military with sealed borders for our nation. As President Teddy Roosevelt said 100 years ago, "We will speak softly and carry a BIG stick." I believe in being able to work for a good living. It begins with the ability to read and write in the foundation years. No excuses. No social promotion. Beginning in the 8th or 9th grade, I approve of course offerings which train for needed job skills. None of these things get done with the special interests and their money in control as they now are. They write the Tax Code so that large corporations are rewarded for sending jobs overseas! It must stop! $100 limit. No PAC money. Full disclosure. Free to Lead a Rising Nation. Buddy Roemer.

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