Talk To Buddy: Education, Environment, and Energy


By:  Buddy Roemer III
Location: Unknown

Question: Carlos, Long Island
Hi Buddy, I am intrigued and I feel that you may be a voice of reason. What are your ideas on fixing our educational system and obesity among our children / adults? And what is your stance on the environment? Especially oil as our main source of energy? Do you believe that oil is an outdated source of energy that should be obsolete by now or that America needs it and should not only drill on American soil but keep importing fossil fuels until all wells are dried up?

Buddy's Answer:
Carlos, Thanks so much for your interest reflected in your several questions: 1. The best practice in education is to put the best teacher in every classroom. To do that the teacher must be in contact with parents and/or grandparents. Washington DC has too much control, and is unhelpful. Washington DC is wasting $77 Billion a year in its Dept of Education. Let local school systems take control with safeguards from Washington on legal issues and on data. Parents need choice and charter in their options. National Education is a failure. Local education is mixed. National's only role is to point out Local success to the rest of America. 2. Obesity: Ever seen a fat bureaucrat? Of course, DC is NOT the answer in general, but it can do a few specific things that will help in the long run: (A) Limit the list of legal food items available on food stamps to nutritional and healthful items. NO MORE JUNK FOOD on Government food programs. (B) Serve better balance in government food programs including government cafeterias, military installations, public school cafeterias, etc. At present, the rule is cheap. It should be affordable and good! (C) Teach nutrition in all government programs relating to health! (D) Promote the FACTS about obesity and health. 3. I am a strong believer that clean air and water lead to a better life and better jobs. As usual our Government has gone overboard on regulations and red tape on small businesses. Way too expensive for the meager benefits in many cases. Deregulate small businesses. 4. We should drill safely using modern technology where oil and gas are to be found. We should stop sending trillions to the Middle East for their drug: OIL. Spend that money here, creating 3 million jobs. 5. Natural gas is the fuel of the future. It is clean, cheap, and available all over the country. We will need ALL forms of domestic fuel including alternatives, to become energy independent by the end of this decade. Oil will play a role, but it will decrease and I will develop an Energy Independent America with reliance on Natural Gas as a first step. Thanks Carlos. I need your help. You can make a difference! Buddy Roemer.

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