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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DUNCAN of South Carolina. Madam Speaker, when the health care bill known as ObamaCare was being debated in this Congress, Republicans said the bill would bankrupt our country, ration care for seniors, and cost Americans jobs.

Well, that's exactly what will be happening if the new provision of the law goes into effect next week. Unelected Washington bureaucrats have ignored calls from Congress asking for a delay in Medicare cuts to skilled nursing facilities and rehab centers.

My colleagues know that I have a reputation for being one of the more fiscally conservative Members of Congress. I understand the need for cuts. But as one medical professional recently said: ``If I'm told I need an amputation, I'd like to know what limb is being cut off.''

The administration is proposing a reckless cut of nearly 13 percent to skilled nursing facilities and rehab centers. Eighty percent of the overhead at these facilities is staffed, meaning the people who take care of our seniors will be the first to lose their jobs. Receiving a lower quality of care at rehab centers means there's a greater chance that patients will spend more time at a costly hospital, resulting in higher overall costs.

Madam Speaker, this isn't common sense. This policy isn't thinking smart. Our seniors deserve better, and I strongly urge the administration to reconsider their position.

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