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Congressman Rivera: President Obama's Deficit Reduction Plan is a Non-Starter


Location: Unknown

President Barack Obama announced a new deficit reduction plan on Monday in a Rose Garden speech. Congressman Rivera released the following statement reacting to the President's speech:

"President Obama still doesn't get it. House Republicans have been very clear. Our nation's economy is fragile and we cannot afford to raise taxes on anyone. We will not raise taxes.

"In his speech, the President said that an approach different from his "would cripple our competitiveness and kill our chances to win the jobs of the future.'

"What the Obama Administration fails to realize is that increased regulation and taxes on job creators are what are truly crippling America's economy. They fail to realize that the President's plan will further hurt the same small and medium size businesses that are already hesitant to hire new employees and invest in new projects.

"The plan the President announced on Monday is a non-starter, and shows the Obama Administration's unwillingness to truly find common ground with House Republicans on solving the serious problems plaguing our nation's economy."

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