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Congressman Rivera on the August Jobs Report


Location: Unknown

Congressman Rivera released the following statement regarding the August jobs report on Friday:

"With the worst unemployment report in a year, and the first time in more than 66 years that the American economy has reported no net job growth--Washington's history of senseless fiscal practices is clearly affecting job creation.

"America's job creators have no incentive to hire new employees or invest in new projects in the current economy. Failed policies in Washington have put them in that position--a $14 trillion national debt, trillion dollar annual deficits, and a lack of regard for the impact of that fiscal irresponsibility, or the burden of new regulations on the business community, have done so.

"Business owners are not going to move forward when they are facing uncertainty as to their future energy costs, their future insurance costs, their future operating costs--even uncertainty as to what their tax burden will be.

"House Republicans have passed legislation to end this uncertainty, cut spending, and remove barriers to job creation. The Democrats in the Senate and the White House have yet to do the same. As President Obama prepares to address a joint session of Congress next week, I hope he will finally present a jobs plan; one that focuses on creating a stable economic environment for America's job creators, not on more government spending and regulations that will only serve to create more doubt and unemployment reports like this one. "

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