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Issue Position: Transparency

Issue Position

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Sunshine is the best disinfectant, which is why Adam will bring light to the darkest corners of our government. Adam believes that every government agency and every public-private organization that accepts tax dollars owes the people of Kentucky the highest level of transparency -- after all, those who pay the bills have a right to see the checkbook.

Adam will be the kind of courageous auditor we need watching our backs, protecting our pocketbooks, and making sure we get the honest, lean and effective government we deserve. He understands that every dollar lost to corruption or inefficiency is a dollar that can't be invested in Kentucky's future.
Adam's transparency agenda includes:

1. Championing "sunshine laws" and stronger open-meeting laws to insure your interests as a taxpayer are protected.
2. Making public expenditures, performance reports and audits fully and easily accessible online.
3. Having the Auditor's Office serve as a model for transparency to be emulated throughout all levels of Kentucky government.
4. Modernizing the Auditor's Office website to be more transparent, up-to-date and user-friendly.
5. Seeking and adopting best practices from around the world to make Kentucky a model for an open-door approach to government.

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