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Gov. Rick Perry Signs AFP-New Hampshire Thomson Presidential Pledge

Press Release

Location: Derry, NH

Texas Gov. Rick Perry today signed the Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire Thomson Presidential Pledge at a town hall meeting hosted by the Derry Republican Committee, promising his ongoing commitment to advancing the cause of fiscal conservatism.

"Now more than ever, our nation needs a leader who will make the tough decisions to cut spending and reduce government interference in our lives and businesses, which are key to getting America working again," said Gov. Perry. "I am proud to sign the Thomson Presidential Pledge which provides the kind of conservative reform we need in this country, and I want to thank the author of that pledge, Tom Thomson, for his work on behalf of conservative principles."

The governor added, "This pledge reflects the same principles I have followed to help make Texas the top state for job creation, and I will continue to promote and employ them as President so we can restore fiscal health and economic vitality to our country."

The pledge requests that those who sign it commit to cutting taxes, fees and regulations; cutting spending and reducing the national debt; cutting the size of government at all levels; securing the nation's borders; becoming energy independent within eight years; and faithfully and forcefully upholding, following and protecting the United States Constitution.

Tom Thompson is the honorary chairman of AFP-New Hampshire and son of former New Hampshire Gov. Meldrin Thomson Jr., who originally authored the Thomson Presidential Pledge. To carry on his father's legacy of fiscal conservatism, Tom has expanded the original pledge and invites all presidential candidates to sign it.

"My father, Gov. Meldrim Thomson Jr., who was the author of the New Hampshire Pledge, believed strongly in lower taxes and less regulation. I share those values and am proud to continue his legacy by asking candidates to sign "My Pledge to the American People,'" said Tom Thomson, Honorary Chair for Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire. "I applaud Gov. Perry for signing this pledge and showing his commitment to upholding these conservative principles."

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