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Recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of China's National Day

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. BOREN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today and ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing an important day for the Republic of China (ROC), National Day, also known as ``Double Ten Day''. On October 10, 1911, the Qing Dynasty collapsed as a result of the Wuchang Uprising and ushered in the beginning of representative government in China. This year, Double Ten Day holds special significance as the Republic of China marks its 100th birthday. This will be a day of great celebration and thanksgiving throughout the country, and I call on my colleagues to join me in offering congratulations and good wishes to President Ma Ying-jeou and the people of Taiwan.

* It was under the leadership of Dr. Sun Yat-sen that over two thousand years of dynasties were brought to an end. The past century has seen tremendous growth and development for the Republic of China on Taiwan. It has developed a dynamic democratic system of government, spurred steady economic growth, and encouraged the flourishing of the arts and sciences with an emphasis on free and open dialogue and debate.

* Under the leadership of President Ma, Taiwan has continued to strengthen its economy through extensive foreign trade. The United States recently welcomed another Taiwanese agricultural trade mission, which offers the promise of strong export market for our farmers and a steady supply of food supply for the citizens of Taiwan. President Ma has also helped ease tensions with mainland China through economic agreements which have led to benefits for all.

* Because of this, I stand today with the people of Taiwan as they celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China. May their commitment to freedom and democracy continue to flourish in the decades and centuries to come.

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