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Ros-Lehtinen -- Working To Boost South Florida's Economy Through The Proposed Miami International Aerospace Show


Location: Unknown

Dear Friends:

I have been spearheading Congressional efforts to bring the proposed Miami International Aerospace Show (MIAS) to Homestead Air Reserve Base in my Congressional district in order to stimulate our local economy and get South Floridians back to work.

In the coming weeks, I will be hosting and moderating a critical groundwork meeting between the U.S. Air Force and MIAS organizers to discuss what is needed to gain approval for the use of HARB. I am proud to facilitate these efforts and coordinate the many local, state, and Congressional leaders in our mutual support for this exciting project.

The proposed MIAS will be the only aerospace show of its kind in North America, combining commercial, civil, and military aircraft and aerospace technology. France, England, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates all host international aerospace shows. As a global economic and technological leader, the United States certainly should certainly play host to no less than equivalent aerospace industry events.

South Florida is an ideal location to showcase American commercial and military aerospace equipment to the world. There are 660 aviation companies in Miami, employing nearly 13,000 workers. The city's location, as the gateway to the Americas, also creates an inherent connection to the aerospace industry in South and Central America.

The economic impact of a MIAS to our community would be enormous. As a hub for the international aerospace industry, Miami can connect business leaders from the United States to those across the world and serve as a platform to sell American technology. There is potential for the creation of hundreds of jobs, while tourist expenditures in hotels and restaurants would all contribute to the community's economy.

While I understand that the challenges that lay ahead are many, I know the perseverance and desire of all South Floridians will lead the way to making the Miami International Aerospace Show a reality.


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Member of Congress

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