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Rooney: Stimulus 2.0 No Solution for Florida's 10.7 Percent Jobless Rate


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-16) issued the following statement after the Department of Labor reported this morning that Florida's unemployment rate remained at 10.7 percent in August:

"Thousands of workers and small businesses in Florida are still suffering due to the failure of the first stimulus bill -- they deserve better than to watch Washington repeat the mistakes of the past by passing Stimulus 2.0.

"Instead of another massive federal spending stimulus plan, we should work together to find common ground on pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda that will:

* Get rid of costly, heavy-handed mandates that prevent small businesses from hiring new workers;
* Fix the tax code and replace loopholes and deductions with lower tax rates for families and businesses;
* Put an end to out-of-control spending, which crowds out private investment and creates uncertainty;
* Produce the energy we need here at home, creating jobs right away and reducing energy costs so businesses can grow and hire new workers; and,
* Expand markets for American-made products by passing pending free trade agreements."

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