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Rep. Buchanan Walks Main Street

Press Release

Location: Sarasota, FL

Congressman Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., today walked down "Main Street," Sarasota and visited with business owners to get their opinions on how Washington can best serve the cause of creating jobs and getting the economy moving again.

Buchanan said the message from local business owners like Gina Marini of El Greco restaurant was that fewer regulations and government mandates will lead to greater economic growth and prosperity.

"These people aren't asking for a handout," said Buchanan. "They are simply asking government to cut the red tape, keep taxes low and stop enacting burdensome regulations. With Florida's unemployment rate a staggering 10.7%, they want to see the President and Congress work together and enact policies that grow the economy and create jobs."

Buchanan, a 30-year businessman and Florida's only member of the Ways & Means Committee, said he wanted to hear directly from small business owners in his district as Congress prepares to debate new proposals aimed at promoting job growth.

"As a businessman before coming to Congress, I know what it means to hire new workers, balance budgets, and exercise fiscal discipline," said Buchanan. "I have seen firsthand that the government does not create jobs, small businesses like the ones I visited today create the jobs. America's greatness comes from its people and their innovation, not more government intrusion."

Earlier in the week, Buchanan delivered remarks on the House Floor detailing his plan for creating jobs and prosperity for America. Among other things, the 10-point "Buchanan Jobs Plan" would expand overseas markets for U.S. goods and services, lower taxes on businesses, eliminate frivolous lawsuits and abolish unnecessary regulations that impede growth.

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