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McCarthy: It's President Obama's Spending Spree -- Not the Pledge to America -- That Threatens Our Children's Future

Press Release

Location: Unknown

With no ideas to create jobs and rein in wasteful Washington spending, President Obama has elected to spend his week attacking the Pledge to America, a new governing agenda focused on the top priorities of the American people. Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Chairman of the effort that created the Pledge to America, issued the following statement in response to the President's attacks:

"What threatens our children's future is not the Pledge to America, but rather the reckless spending spree being carried out on the backs of future generations by President Obama and his allies. Democrats in Washington have been asking our kids and grandkids to pick up the tab for their wasteful stimulus spending that has done nothing to create a more stable economic environment for their future. While the President is spending his time engaging in scare tactics, Republicans are offering America's children a renewed opportunity for prosperity with a plan for economic growth and concrete steps to begin reining in Washington spending."

NOTE: The Pledge to America calls for immediate cuts in federal spending that would reduce spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving an estimated $100 billion immediately and slamming the brakes on President Obama's spending spree. The proposal does not mandate that the savings come from education programs.

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