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Palestian Authority and the UN


Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. GARRETT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in objection to the Palestinian Authority's blatant attempt to circumvent its past agreements and treaties with Israel and seek a unilateral declaration of statehood at the United Nations (UN) later today.

* Peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will not be settled through a resolution at the United Nations. Lasting peace will only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

* The Palestinian Authority's unilateral declaration of statehood directly contradicts UN Resolution 242, which states that the two nations must work together to achieve peace in the region so that both states are secure.

* When Resolution 242 was passed, President Johnson stated, ``It is clear ..... that a return to the situation of June 4, 1967 will not bring peace. There must be secure and there must be recognized borders. Some such lines must be agreed to by the neighbors involved.''

* Now is the time for the UN and the Palestinian Authority to heed that advice. The borders should not be dictated to the Israelis; rather, an agreement should be based on direct negotiations between the two states. Recognition in any way by the UN will only embolden the belligerent Palestinians to avoid the negotiating table and circumvent direct negotiations with Israel.

* An affirmative vote by the UN Security Council, even with a United States veto, will have dire consequences for years to come. I urge the UN to reject the resolution so that both nations can return to the negotiating table without pre-conditions.

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