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Issue Position: What I'm For

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Jack Fellure states he is FOR:.

1) FOR balancing the Federal budget. It can and must be done. Government must quit spending more than received.

2) FOR a person's right to control their own property.

3) FOR capital punishment. God Almighty mandated it.

4) FOR an educational system based on phonics teaching techniques.

5) FOR an armed forces powerful enough to meet and win any military challenge on earth.

6) FOR bringing our prisoners of war (POW's) home. By military force if necessary.

7) FOR voluntary prayer and Bible reading in the public schools.

8) FOR giving back the states their rights. The Federal Government has usurped this authority.

9) FOR an energy policy of national self sufficiency.

10) FOR churches rightfully continuing as non-taxable institutions.

11) FOR getting America out of the United Nations (UN), and getting the United Nations out of America.

12) FOR severe punishment, even to the death penalty, for hijackers and terrorists. This will eliminate most of it.

13) FOR a return to more homes and families structured upon the principles ordained by God and the Bible.

14) FOR reducing the tax burden of the working American. It can be done.

15) FOR winning the drug war in this nation. This is mandatory.

16) FOR separation of church and state. Neither Communism nor the Vatican takes this position.

17) FOR requiring high levels of competence for school teachers. Otherwise, no job.

18) FOR requiring and enforcing high levels of achievement for students. Otherwise, they flunk.

19) FOR strong education in the basics of reading, writing, math, sciences, arts, etc. Nuts to sensitivity training, interpersonal relationships and social engineering.

20) FOR a news media in this nation that will, for a change, tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God.

21) FOR free enterprise. The American establishment continues to adopt the paralysis of international socialism.

22) FOR a pro-American foreign policy. I'm sick of financing nations that don't even treat America as a good neighbor.

23) FOR freedom of speech but not freedom to destroy this free nation.

24) FOR outlawing the Communist party in America. If they don't like our God given country, then leave.

25) FOR an intense investigation of the Federal Reserve and the State Department, and making the results fully known to the American public. God only knows what we'd flush out.

26) FOR making homosexuality illegal. God gives no other choice. This will stop much of the AIDS plague.

27) FOR people receiving positions and benefits based on their qualifications and the content of their character, rather than their skin color.

28) FOR stopping the Federal Government from creating a total welfare state.

29) FOR cleaning out Congress from stem to stern. This Capital Hill body has rotted to the core.

30) FOR teaching the true Christian history and heritage of our nation in the public schools.

31) FOR corporal punishment in the school system. No enforced discipline has caused a deterioration in learning.

32) FOR loyalty, for a change, from corporate America to the working class.

33) FOR leaders whose decisions are governed by what's right or wrong, rather than what's politically expedient.

34) FOR men being men and women being ladies. Quit trying to reverse the masculine and feminine roles, assigned by God Almighty.

35) FOR a national return to reading God's book, the Holy Bible. By neglecting this one book, America has lost her guts, backbone, heart and will, and had nearly destroyed her national conscience and mind.

* Note - This document was provided to Project Vote Smart by the candidate in August 2011

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