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Issue Position: What I Will Do

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Jack Fellure states, if elected, he WILL:

1) WILL inform America that the real intent of the New World Order is to eliminate our national sovereignty and destroy our God given freedoms.

2) WILL inform America about the State Department and its infiltration by Marxists, socialists and the God defying enemies of our country.

3) WILL tell America about the anti-American goals of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Tri Lateral Commission (TLC)

4) WILL take our money control away from the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system and return it to control by the United States Congress as mandated in our Constitution.

5) WILL inform the radical Negro element that they can never ultimately progress by destroying the white, Japhetic, Caucasian institutions.

6) WILL insist that sodomy be an illegality, as our nation started. God Almighty made it illegal. No man or nation has any right to change it.

7) WILL inform America of the Bilderbergers and their ultimate plan of total global control of all nations and people.

8) WILL eliminate the Department of Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

9) WILL continue to tell America the truth about the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

10) WILL mandate that the Federal Government spend only as authorized by the Constitution. This will drastically reduce the federal budget.

11) WILL insist on returning voluntary prayer and Bible reading to the public schools.

12) WILL direct that prisons be places of punishment for criminals, rather then resorts and rehabilitation labs.

13) WILL mandate capital punishment. God said this would lower the violent crime rate. I'll bet He knows what He's talking about.

14) WILL maintain a military strong enough to meet and defeat any and all that threatens our national security interests.

15) WILL uphold the United States Constitution. It's too often ignored by a leadership totally out of control.

16) WILL make it extremely difficult for law, legal or government officials to confiscate a persons home.

17) WILL return freedom of speech to America. It's now reserved for racists, abortionists, queers, liberals, etc. Anybody but Christians.

18) WILL devote a major part of my efforts to stopping what's now being done in Washington. This is just as important, or maybe more so, than starting anything new.

19) WILL outlaw the Communist party in America. Ditto for any and all other subversive organizations.

20) WILL get rid of all Federal Government bureaus that are not absolutely vital to the function of this nation.

21) WILL wipe out the trillions of dollars of debt owed to the national-international money interests.

22) WILL eliminate the graduated income tax. Karl Marx advocated this tax.

23) WILL use capital punishment and the military to stop drug traffic.

24) WILL absolutely dedicate myself consumedly to re-establishing in America the moral laws commanded by God Almighty in the Holy Bible. Unless I, or someone else, succeeds in this area, there's no possible hope of our proper survival. We'll continue to self destruct. Separating our nation from God makes it impossible to pass enough laws, collect enough taxes, elect enough politicians, or spend enough money to solve our tragedies.

25) WILL take you on America. I'll challenge your evolutionary academic institutions, your reprobate ecclesiastical hierarchy, your lukewarm church bodies, your media of international socialism, and all others and else that would raise a voice against God and America. Regularly and earnestly I'll go to my knees in the White House Oval Office. With one hand I'll reach down and take hold of you, America, in your chaotic state of despair, and with the other hand I'll reach into the infinitude of another world and take hold of Him that occupies the God Head throne, and I'll pull you face to face with the God and Christ of Sinai, Moses, Abraham, and Paul.

26) WILL consider the home of the American family more important than the nonsense of saving the spotted owl.

27) WILL bust up the Federal Government welfare program. It's a detriment to this nation.

28) WILL do the least I can in being your President. People are brain-washed in hearing what all and how much you'll do for them. The Government shouldn't do for you what you can do for yourself.

* Note - This document was provided to Project Vote Smart by the candidate in August 2011

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