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Issue Position: What I'm Against

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Jack Fellure states he is AGAINST:

1) AGAINST the Federal Government being involved beyond that authorized by the Constitution.

2) AGAINST environmental programs (and nuts) that are a detriment to the proper function of this nation.

3) AGAINST the New World Order. It's intent is to surrender the sovereignty of our Democratic Constitutional Republic.

4) AGAINST stacking the Federal Government in Washington with socialists, liberals, queers, wimps and radical women.

5) AGAINST lowering standards for Negroes to enter our academic institutions; example, Georgetown University.

6) AGAINST homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, pornography and gun control.

7) AGAINST the overwhelming, blatant, anti-Christian bias in the news media. They're consistently pro-queer, etc.

8) AGAINST a liquor industry that is a detriment to our nation. Alcohol is America's number one drug problem.

9) AGAINST recognizing Communist China and their slave labor prison system.

10) AGAINST the continued moral destruction of our society by the television and entertainment media.

11)AGAINST every movement, effort and person that would remove GOD from our national currency and declarations.

12) AGAINST giving or selling our strategic American technology to other competitor nations.

13) AGAINST continually letting criminals go unpunished, while the victims suffer.

14) AGAINST appointing any liberals, atheists, socialists, homosexuals, or lesbians to governmental leadership positions.

15) AGAINST the Federal Government controlling our educational systems. They'll continue to destroy them.

16) AGAINST allowing thugs and hoodlums to continue destroying and burning our cities and neighborhoods.

17) AGAINST permitting anti-American organizations, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, to continue their destruction of this nation.

18) AGAINST an educational system that continues to produce functional illiterates, by the look-say teaching.

19) AGAINST discrimination against majority groups in favor of minority groups, and vice versa.

20) AGAINST minority percentage programs, affirmative action and busing kids. They're all brainless programs.

21) AGAINST political action committees (PACS). Elections should be won not bought.

22) AGAINST permitting known, subversive enemy agents, to operate in our nation.

23) AGAINST making draft dodgers, flag burners, rock artists, queers, etc. our national heroes. The media does this.

24)AGAINST the informational systems destroying the national respect for our long-standing heroes such as Columbus, Hoover, etc.

25) AGAINST the reversal of the God ordained roles for men and women in our society.

26) AGAINST rock and roll music. It's pretty much African, sensual, sexual, jungle NOISE.

27) AGAINST sex education in public grade schools. This is a parental responsibility, not the government's.

28) AGAINST the all out effort to kick God out of America. This effort is constantly carried on by the media, television, universities, ecclesiastical reprobates, journalists, politicians, etc.

29) AGAINST the Federal Government being involved in every detail of our lives and daily affairs.

30) AGAINST discriminating against the white, middle age, male American, to appease every vocal minority group screaming for special favors.

31) AGAINST moving our jobs and industrial production to foreign nations. This includes free trade agreements.

32) AGAINST politicians who won't reduce to simple, understandable writing what they're for and against, and what they will and will not do. Sure would eliminate lots of hot air and lying.

33) AGAINST making the District of Columbia a state for no other reason than to put another member of the Negro race in the United States Congress, whether qualified or not.

34) AGAINST rigging voting districts to virtually give political offices to Negroes, whether qualified or not.

35) AGAINST abortions, and especially the paying for abortions with government taxpayers money.

36) AGAINST letting the astronomical national debt continue upward and out of control. Our country now owes trillions of dollars.

* Note - This document was provided to Project Vote Smart by the candidate in August 2011

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