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Issue Position: What I Will Not Do

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

1) WILL NOT permit the media to continue unchallenged in their fifth column, conspiratorial destruction of our Democratic Constitutional Republic.

2) WILL NOT tolerate a Constitutional Convention. The intent is none other than to totally destroy our Constitution and our God given freedoms recognized therein.

3) WILL NOT allow another single tax increase BY and FOR the Federal Government.

4) WILL NOT cater to minority or majority groups in order to stay in power. This includes the women's liberation movement, the Negro race, the environmental nuts, the homosexual reprobates, the Northeastern money establishment, etc., etc.

5) WILL NOT subscribe to the continual informational media brainwash that everyone should be TREATED THE SAME. Treat a patriot as a patriot, a criminal as a criminal, a Christian as a Christian, a traitor as a traitor, etc. When all men are free, no man is equal. When all men are equal, no man is free.

6) WILL NOT cooperate in surrendering this nation to the many gullible, small interest groups. We were birthed as one nation UNDER GOD. We're now a torn nation UNDER the media., the radical feminists, the racists, and queers, etc.

7) WILL NOT tolerate gun control. Every good law abiding American should have a gun (if they wish) and use it when necessary.

8) WILL NOT continue the multi-billion dollar foreign aid giveaway of our American money. It's pure idiotic nonsense.

9) WILL NOT tolerate the raw sex education to continue in the childrens' classes of our public education systems. Sex education is a parental responsibility, not the government's.

10) WILL NOT permit the continued governmental intrusion into the religious freedom of our GOD given nation.

11) WILL NOT remain silent as the Hollywood-television-movie industry continues their moral destruction of our society.

12) WILL NOT let America swallow the media lie that Communism is dead. Communism is a philosophy, more so than a government. It's still very much alive in American universities, the State department, the Congress, Russia, Cuba, China, etc.

13) WILL NOT tinker with every screw, switch, nut and bolt in Washington. Some things will better take care of themselves if left alone. The less government, the better.

14) WILL NOT cooperate with any program that would initiate or continue national socialized medicine in this country.

15) WILL NOT involve the American military in every dog fight on the face of this globe. We need only to intervene where and when our national interest, security and welfare is at stake.

16) WILL NOT permit the Federal Government to finance organizations, such as the National Endowment of Arts, that are detrimental and destructive to the moral values of our society.

17) WILL NOT appoint to any position atheists, queers, flag burners, draft dodgers, pot smokers, lesbians, Marxists, socialists, liberals, etc. Only flag saluting, patriotic, motherhood, apple pie Americans need apply for employment.

18) WILL NOT permit our government to continue making it legally and financially convenient to move our industrial production away from America.

19) WILL NOT tolerate the continuation of protecting the criminals and punishing the victims.

20) WILL NOT let the Federal Government spend more than received. This is the only method known to God or man that any budget can be maintained in balance.

21) WILL NOT make assignments on the idiotic quota basis. The best qualified person gets the job. Nuts to affirmative action, minority percentages and multicultural balance.

22) WILL NOT allow a value added tax in the production and marketing system of our nation.

23) WILL NOT tolerate the continual conspiratorial effort to break and eliminate the stable, middle class, working American. They're the material backbone and foundation of the nation.

24) WILL NOT permit the continued harassment, intimidation, arrest and imprisonment of property owners, gun owners, older people and Christian believers. They're now targeted by the Federal Government.

25) WILL NOT let NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) continue uncontested.

* Note - This document was provided to Project Vote Smart by the candidate in August 2011

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