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Patient`s Bill of Rights: Protecting You and Your Family


Location: Washington, DC

Today marks the first anniversary of the Patient's Bill of Rights in the Affordable Care Act. Since it went into effect, millions of Americans are benefiting from improved coverage and lower costs.

The protections of the Patient's Bill of Rights became effective for all plan years beginning on or after September 23, 2010. One year later, nearly 480,000 western Wisconsin residents (and 165 million Americans) with private health plans are now receiving greater health insurance protections, including:

* No being dropped from coverage when you get sick.
* No more lifetime limits on your coverage.
* No more low annual limits on your coverage.

Health Care Reform puts you and your family, not the health insurance companies, back in charge of your health care. It is already improving the lives of:

66,000 young adults in western Wisconsin who can stay on their parent's plan until their 26th birthday

15,700 small businesses in western Wisconsin who are eligible for tax credits to offset health care costs

110,000 seniors in western Wisconsin who have improved Medicare benefits, including free preventive services and wellness visits and more affordable prescription drugs

17 million children with pre-existing conditions nationwide, who can no longer be denied coverage

These new protections and benefits are crucial to improving the lives of millions of Americans. As a member of the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, I was directly involved in the debate on health care reform. I am proud to have fought for reform that cuts costs, protects patients, and puts families in charge of their health care decisions. I will continue fight to ensure that these benefits are never taken away.


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