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Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. INSLEE. Mr. Speaker, I am very concerned about this outsourcing bill and its tenor.

If you want to change what's legal or illegal, then this body should address those issues. But this bill won't change what's legal or illegal; it will simply stop current law from being enforced.

The NLRB is a law enforcement body. It follows an independent, adjudicative process.

If we want to change the laws it enforces, that's subject to debate, but this bill won't do that, and that's why I'm opposing it.

I haven't taken a position on the case that brings us here today, and I don't intend to here, but I can say this firmly: Elected officials should not be politicizing an ongoing adjudicative process. Politics should not interfere with justice in this or any other case.

I won't support a bill that doesn't change the underlying law but only changes the ability of those we've charged with enforcing it with the ability to do so. Don't allow one controversy to sully Uncle Sam's ability for justice in this country.

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