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Brown To Address Republican Jewish Coalition

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) will address the Republican Jewish Coalition's Fall Leadership Meeting this morning.

In light of Friday's address to the UN General Assembly by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Senator Brown will share his strong opposition to the Palestinian Authority's unilateral push for statehood recognition at the United Nations.

The following are excerpts from Sen. Brown's remarks, as prepared for delivery:

US-Israel Relations
In our fight against terrorism and tyranny and for security and democracy around the globe, Israel is -- and will be - at our side. I had the privilege of visiting Israel last year, and I left more convinced than ever that Israel is a strong ally and a key economic partner in the Middle East. In Washington, we must work together, across the political spectrum, to ensure Israel's security and our two countries' mutual prosperity.

It is up to our citizens, like those of you here, as well as Members of Congress and the Obama administration, to ensure that American support for Israel is persistent and unwavering. Unfortunately, as we all know, these are still difficult times for our Israeli friends. Israel's enemies have been energized by recent events, and the usual critics have been quick to condemn Israel's right to self-defense. They've condemned America's ongoing support for Israel, but the ties that bind the United States and Israel run deep. Our relationship is rooted in our shared democratic values of personal liberty, democratic government and the right to live every day free from violence and fear. Many of Israel's critics ignore the fact that Israel is at war, as every day thousands of its innocent men, women, and children face the threat of declared enemies that surround its borders.

Palestinian Authority's Unilateral Bid for Statehood Recognition
Some of you may know that on June 28th the Senate passed a resolution which called on President Obama to veto any motion that would recognize a Palestinian state outside of an agreement negotiated between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. I was proud to co-sponsor this resolution, and believe that if a Palestinian state is to be established, it must recognize the state of Israel and renounce violence throughout the region.

Still, this week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas decided to move forward with his ill-conceived plan for statehood recognition at the United Nations. I have been vocally opposed to the Palestinian Authority's actions. This effort reduces the hope for a negotiated two-state solution that allows both sides to co-exist peacefully.

Following this reckless and unilateral action, the United States must reevaluate its diplomatic relationship with the Palestinian Authority. We must examine foreign assistance that we provide to the Palestinian Authority. We must continue to remind them that direct negotiation is the only opportunity for a peaceful solution, and that abandoning violence and a full recognition of Israel's right to exist must be the starting point.

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