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Bachmann Brings Voice of American Voters to GOP Debate

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Location: Unknown

After a tremendous showing at last week's GOP debate, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann clearly demonstrated tonight at the Fox News-Google Presidential Debate that she is the only conservative candidate who will bring the voice of the American people to the White House, where it has been absent. Throughout the debate, Bachmann offered solutions to the mostpressing concerns offered by voters.

One viewer asked how much of his earned money he deserved to keep, to which Bachmann answered, "I think you earned every dollar, you should get to keep every dollar that you earn. That's your money. That's not the government's money."

Bachmann continued with her views on responsible tax policy by stating, "Barack Obama seems to think that when we earn money it belongs to him and we're lucky just to keep a little bit of it. I don't think that at all. I think when people make money; it's their money. Obviously, we have to give money back to the government so that we can run the government. But we have to have a completely different mindset and that mindset is: the American people are the genius of this economy."

When the topic shifted to immigration, Bachmann was clear on her stance, "As President of the United States I would do what my job would demand of me -- that's to uphold the sovereignty of the United States of America. To do that I would build a fence on America's southern border, on every mile, on every yard, on every foot, on every inch of the southern border. I would not allow taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens or for their children. That's a magnet. End the magnets for illegal aliens to come into the United States of America."

Following the discussion on immigration reform, Bachmann fired back against Gov. Perry's HPV vaccine mandate by saying, "Gov. Perry mandated a healthcare decision on all 12-year old little girls in the State of Texas and by that mandate those girls had to have a shot for a sexually-transmitted disease. Gov. Perry made a decision where he gave parental rights to a big drug company. That big drug company gave him campaign contributions and hired his former chief of staff to lobby him to benefit the big drug company. That's what was wrong with that picture."

As social issues became the focus of the debate, Bachmann was asked her thoughts on prayer in public spaces, to which she replied, "Of course we should be able to exercise our faith, and whether that expression occurs in a pubic school or occurs in a public building, we should be able to have freedom for all people to express our belief in God."

Bachmann brought the largest concern of the American people to the forefront of the debate -- jobs. She emphasized the biggest hurdle to job creation is Obamacare by stating, "This week a study came out from UBS that said the No. 1 reason why employers aren't hiring is because of Obamacare. That's why I introduced the bill to repeal Obamacare, and as President of the United States, that's the very first thing I would do is repeal Obamacare."

Bachmann rounded out a strong debate performance by commenting on who would accompany her to the White House as Vice President; "Obviously we need to have a strong constitutional conservative and that's what I would look for in a Vice President. Every four years conservatives are told that we have to settle, and it's anybody but Obama. I don't think that's true. President Obama has the lowest public approval ratings of any President in modern time. That's why we need to choose a candidate who represents conservatives and constitutional conservative positions."

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