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Leader Cantor Responds To President Obama's Speech and Discusses GOP Jobs Policies On CBS, FOX, CNN & CNBC


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On Working Together To Create An Environment For Jobs: "We are very focused on making sure that we can do something to provide incentives for small business people to get back in the game of job creation. That is what last night's speech was about. We have a plan to do that. I was glad to hear the Vice President say they are willing to compromise, because last night the President said it is an all or nothing proposal here for us to pick up and pass his bill. I can say there are a lot of things, whether it's the trade agreements, whether it's tax relief for small business people, whether it's the reform of unemployment compensation, that are in our plan as well. We could very easily take these items, put them across the floor, and I believe pass them. Hopefully we can work together and create an environment for jobs." CBS "The Early Show"

On Reducing Regulatory Burdens on Virginia Businesses: "The President is going right in the heart of my district to the University of Richmond today. We welcome the President to talk about job creation. I'll be there later this afternoon as well to meet with the folks that I represent. We're going to be at a small business, a concrete plant that is facing tremendous burdens from proposed regulation from the Obama Administration. These regulations are going to cost real jobs, tens of millions of dollars for compliance. This is not what we need right now. We have to grow the economy. Again, I welcome the President. I hope he hears the same message that I hear every time I go home, which is that it's time for Washington to get out of the way and to let small businesses in the private sector get back into the game so we can grow this economy." FOX "Fox & Friends"

On Improving Infrastructure Spending To Create Jobs: "What Washington needs and what the American people need is for us to find some agreement and there are plenty of things we can agree on. For instance, on the need for infrastructure spending, we believe that states have monies right now, but Washington has tied up their ability to use those monies. We want to straighten out the system of how money is spent before we start spending more. We don't support the idea of creating a Fannie and Freddie for roads and bridges in an infrastructure bank. We believe that you can facilitate a better flow of funds to construction projects by fixing the current system. There's plenty for us to work on together. Instead of trying to accentuate where differences are, because good people can disagree, let's try to produce results so the middle class can get back to work in this country." CNN "American Morning"

On Areas of Agreement For Spurring Job Growth: "The trade bills were something that Speaker Boehner and I were in the White House two years ago talking to the President about, asking him to send those up. We also mentioned to the President two years ago the program in Georgia called Georgia Works which reforms the unemployment benefits program to try to get people back to work. When the President talks about providing tax relief for small businesses, we've got a proposal in our plan to do the same. The President also talked about regulatory relief and getting rid of some of the red tape and streamlining the permitting process. These are the kinds of things we have laid out and for the next ten weeks we will be working to get rid of the regulations or proposals that actually are stymieing job growth, and getting in the way of people wanting to put investments to work here." CNBC "Squawk Box"

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