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Outright Ban on New Federal Regs Would Open American Job Market

Location: Washington, DC

An outright ban on new job-killing regulations would provide a cost-free economic jumpstart for creating private sector jobs, and House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter is calling on fellow House members to pass his bill to do just that as part of any fall jobs package considered by Congress.

"The President has already tried massive federal deficit spending to create jobs, and that approach has absolutely failed to achieve anything other than further erosion of our economic base," says Carter. "The growing federal deficit is in fact a key reason our job market is bogged down. With the tsunami of job-killing red tape issued and proposed by this Administration, the White House has become the greatest obstacle to new jobs we currently face. We have simply scared our businesses out of hiring, expanding, or investing."

The Regulation Moratorium Act of 2011, HR 1235, would prohibit the enactment of any new major federal regulation before January 31, 2013, giving business a guaranteed 17-month breathing spell from new unknown costs.

Carter has led the House effort this year to revive use of the Congressional Review Act to challenge overreaching new federal regulations one rule at a time, but is simultaneously pushing the Moratorium as a blanket approach to end the red tape crisis until after the 2012 elections.

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