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Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to H.R. 2587, the misleadingly named ``Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act.''

This legislation, if enacted, would gut key provisions of the National Labor Relations Act, a law which has ensured the right of working Americans to fight for better working conditions, a better salary, and better benefits for themselves and their families for more than 75 years.

H.R. 2587 would strip from the National Labor Relations Board the ability to take action against any employer that has been found to violate the law by closing an office, relocating a plant or firing workers in retaliation for exercising their rights to organize or petition for fairer benefits.

Even worse, passage of this legislation would open the door for companies to engage in the practice of illegally moving jobs overseas. In the past, the NLRB has been able to take action against companies that have attempted to move their operations overseas who do so with the clear goal of punishing employees for exercising their fundamental organizing rights.

This legislation would open the door to wholesale off-shoring of U.S. jobs at a time when this Congress should be discouraging such behavior.

A bill of this magnitude, which would set back decades of established labor law and precedent, should be considered in a much more deliberative manner.

I call on my colleagues on both sides of the aisles to vote in favor of working Americans and to oppose this legislation.

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